Anthophila is my personal project for which I write music. 


Early Morning Walk in an Awakening City

“Imagine being in the colourful and safe world of your imagination and at the same time spectator of an awakening city while taking a walk in the early morning. Ideas and dreams come without inhibition or doubts. No person has spoken to you yet on this day. No one has told you about the nasty things in the world that have happened today, no one has affected you yet with a bad mood or bad vibes. This day so far only has possibilities, positivity, dreams and endless inspiration!”

Kindred Souls

“Kindred Souls” is about a deep instant human connection, it’s about equality, solidarity and the joy and energy one feels when meeting a “Kindred Soul.”

This piece was written during a residence with circuscompany Be Flat at Latitude 50, and inspired on/ written for their show “Follow Me.” The original instrumentation is two or three saxophones, a drummer and a car horn (hence the honking in the beginning).