Be Flat is a circus company that creates location specific performances. All the members of Be Flat are acrobats who play music as well.
The explosive combination of live music and movement is more than the sum of the parts! For big performances Be Flat extends their team with musicians and more acrobats. I play and sometimes compose for Be Flat. 

Since 2022 I am taking part in Be Flat’s newest project “LIVING”. See shows for upcoming shows.

In September 2021 we played the show “Backdrop” on the Plein de Cirque festival in Turnhout. I was band leader and invited 3 other musicians. We had one day to create the music for this 45 minute show. 

Photos of site specific performance “LIVING”, by Caro Crevits

Photos of site specific performance “Backdrop”, by Hervé Blieck

"Follow Us" at CirkL festival 2019 in Leuven

Aftermovie of the performance “Follow Us,” which was created for the circusfestival CirkL 2019. A social-artistic performance that scans through a former industrial neighbourhood of Leuven, Belgium. “Follow Us” was created by circus company Be Flat in collaboration with SPRINGSTOF Parcour and Ravno Collectief. It was great to be part of this performance and my composition “Kindred Souls is also featured in this video.