With Sleepless Care (Dark Blue Nearly Red)

Dark Blue Nearly Red is a composition by electric bass player and composer Michel Hatzigeorgiou, written in rememberence of Dutch musician Sanne van Hek. David Linx wrote the lyrics. I arranged this composition for Michel Hatzigeorgiou on Fender bass, David Linx on lead vocals, choir of 8 singers, string section, harp, oboe, flute, alto flute and clarinet. The recordings will take place in spring 2024. More news will follow!


I made an adaptation of traditional Peruvian Andean song “Valicha” for the band Araponga, a band inspired by the Peruvian diva Yma Sumac.
Valicha was recorded in November 2023 in Wood Studio in Liège. 

Adelaïde Supiot – voice.                                                                Alexandre Eskandar Hessabi – guitar
Alice Riberolles
– trombone.                                                           Anaïs Moffarts – electric bass
Gaspard Mathelin
– trumpet.                                                         Pierre Ferrand – drums
Karen van Schaik
– flute, baritone saxophone, arrangement

Narcissist Trap

Here is a short piece I wrote for string quartet. It is a reminder to oneself to not fall into the trap of toxic people. (But it still happens, alas!).

Orchestration of Poulenc's piano piece "IIIième IMPROVISATION en si mineur" for orchestra

I orchestrated Poulenc’s piano piece “IIIième IMPROVISATION en si mineur” for orchestra. 

Childhood Dreams

A nostalgic piece about my childhood. The time before I found out about gender categories. When I could still be free and myself. (Thanks to my parents, who let me play with cars and collect insects without judging me!). Something that took decades to relearn and sometimes still is a challenge.

Video by Karen van Schaik, camera by Christina Nickelrecording and mixing by Delphine DupontTenor saxophone – Tom Bourgeois, flute – Lúcia Pires, double bass – Fil Caporali, drums – Théo Lanau, alto saxophone & composition – Karen van Schaik, 

Kindred Souls

This piece was written during a residence with circus company Be Flat at Latitude 50, and inspired on/ written for their show “Follow Me.” 
The original instrumentation is two or three saxophones, a drummer and a car horn (hence the honking in the beginning;-). 
It has been featured in the after movie of the project “Follow Us” at CirkL festival in Leuven 2019.

Tenor saxophone – Tom Bourgeois, piano – Nina Kortekaas, double bass – Fil Caporali, drums – Théo Lanau, 
baritone saxophone & composition – Karen van Schaik. Mixing by Manolo Cabras.